Develop Your People

Get a better rate of return on your investment in people. Provide your people with the opportunity to develop the right skills, and they will reward you with more sales.

Our training, learning, and development support is designed to support brokers seeking to achieve their financial objectives through the performance of their people, by:

  • Recruiting talented people.
  • Training and developing them.
  • Giving them the tools and support they need to do their best work.
  • Using recognition and reward to make sure they stay with you.

 Marsh ProBroker members can call on expert support in developing their people, when they need it:

  • Specialist regular product training webinars designed to help your people write more business.
  • Our leadership development programmes designed for owners, directors, and principals who play a key role in leading, inspiring, and managing their people. The programme takes delegates away from the usual business environment, gives them exposure to professional speakers who share their practical experiences on their area of expertise, and aims to strike the right balance between challenging delegates, enabling new learning, encouraging active discussion, and ensuring it can all be put into practice.

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