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People are at the heart of your business and therefore your employees are your most important asset – their knowledge, expertise, and productivity are key to success.  So how you manage them has never been more important.

Employing people also brings some element of risk – you need to attract and retain carefully, to ensure you have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right roles.  It is also important to have the correct policies and procedures in place to support the business and mitigate risks.

Keeping pace with changes to employment law and regulation as well as running your business and managing an expanding workforce can be a difficult challenge.  Without specialist knowledge it can be all too easy to overlook important details, which can create business risks and issues that have the potential to damage your reputation. 

It is crucial to maximise returns on your investment in people, to ensure that every penny you spend on people and human resources helps to drive your business forward.


Develop Your People

Get a better rate of return on your investment in people. Provide your people with the opportunity to develop the right skills, and they will reward you with hard work, commitment, and opportunities.

Our training, learning, and development support is designed to support brokers seeking to achieve their financial objectives through the performance of their people, by:

  • Recruiting talented people.
  • Training and developing them.
  • Giving them the tools and support they need to do their best work.
  • Using recognition and reward to make sure they stay with you.

Marsh ProBroker members can call on expert support in developing their people, when they need it:

  • Bespoke training packages covering soft skills and leadership development.
  • An Executive Development Programme designed for owners, directors, principals, and executives who play a key role in leading, inspiring, and managing their company’s future direction. The programme takes delegates away from the usual business environment, gives them exposure to professional speakers who share their practical experiences on their area of expertise, and aims to strike the right balance between challenging delegates, enabling new learning, encouraging active discussion, and ensuring it can all be put into practice.

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