Are you Ready for the Digital Recovery?

With digital transformation expected to accelerate post COVID-19, brokers need to think differently about investments in technology.

As brokers, we’ve all been living through a period of unprecedented uncertainty, one in which we’ve all had to adapt to radically new and different ways of living and working. We’re not alone of course – as a society in general, it’s fair to say we have proven remarkably adept at doing a great many things online, from socialising and shopping, to working and running businesses.

That’s not to say it’s been plain sailing, far from it. From speaking to independent brokers, it’s clear that many are really wrestling with some challenging issues in this difficult situation. No-one should overlook that, but while firefighting those issues right now, it’s also important to keep one eye on the horizon – to understand how our recovery might look and what we can do to prepare for a bounce back into growth.

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