Supporting Brokers, and Their Clients: COVID-19, Home Working, and Cyber Threats

Despite the UK government’s phased approach to lifting lockdown restrictions and encouraging a return to work, it seems likely that many firms will continue the large-scale home working initiatives that were rapidly put in place to protect employees and follow government social distancing guidelines.

As a result, some firms will remain vulnerable to the heightened cyber risks created by the sheer speed of the shift to home working – for instance due to employees using unsecured home Wi-Fi networks and personal devices to access corporate systems, and share data.

  • Common COVID-19 scams: At present, many of these COVID-19 related scams are in the form of emails purportedly from trusted organisations such as HMRC, the NHS, and the World Health Organisation (WHO). However, widespread home working could also leave you and your clients more exposed to a wide range of threats.
  • Government guidance on safer home working: While it is vitally important to follow any specific recommendations set out by insurers, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published an advisor designed to help businesses, their staff, and systems with secure home working.
  • Tips for Brokers: General guidance on the steps you and your clients can take to spot and avoid falling victim to phone and email-based scams.


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